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Welcome to the home of Nine Ranch (TM), where we want to help you dress to the nines.

The Story Behind the Nine Ranch Brand (TM)

The Nine Ranch (9R) Brand (TM) is a family brand. The 9 represents the Mom, Dad, and seven children who make up the Nine Ranch (TM) family, who fancy themselves small-scale ranchers. Well, if you count everyone’s horses, cows, dogs, barn cats, and the odd critter as a ranch (we do). Mom and Dad raised each and every kid as an individual but brought them all up on the same strong values: work hard, be honest, and keep your standards high.

9R Brand (TM) Clothing Company was founded by the youngest, Jessica, in 2018. It started as a personal business endeavor, but later became more.

In 2019, the middle child, who was also the oldest son, passed away suddenly and tragically. The company changed from just a business endeavor to something with more meaning: a representation of what was, what was lost, and what lives on.

The members of the 9R (TM) family have always been helpers, and even with the heart-wrenching loss of a brother and son, that did not change. In lieu of flowers for the funeral service, the family asked that donations be made to the Aaron Loewer Memorial Fund so they could, in turn, give back to the two self-funded, volunteer dive teams who assisted the family during their time of need.

Through the generous gifts of friends, family, and complete strangers, the Nine Ranch family was humbled and blessed to present the Nob Hill, Arkansas, and Newton County Rescue and Recovery (Missouri) dive teams with combined gifts of $18,000. These gifts will go a long way toward helping these teams serve other families when they need people with servant hearts and warrior spirits to assist them during a tragedy. But there is still more to do.

That is why a portion of every 9R Brand (TM) sale goes to assist volunteers like the Nob Hill dive team. These self-funded volunteers take time away from their jobs and families to serve others, and the training and equipment they need is expensive. Lightening their burden and allowing them to pursue greater expertise and better equipment allows Aaron’s legacy as a helper to continue on.

How Nine Ranch Operates 

Based in the United States, Jessica’s goal for 9R (TM) is to provide customers with an experience that meets the family's high standard of life, translated into apparel that feels good and looks better. She has spent years in the service industry and knows that if the service is what it is supposed to be, customers won't have to ask for anything. Jessica grew up an artist - painting and drawing. She has an eye for good work, fabulous designs, and knows a good product when she gets her hands on it.

Jessica and 9R Brand (TM) have the support of the entire family. Let’s be honest – siblings are always willing to offer advice, so it’s not unusual that they help with product research, design ideas, and even order from the site itself. The entire family helps make sure the products and services are what they should be.

At Nine Ranch (TM), we believe in order to deliver a truly great buying experience, we must provide you with two things that cannot be bought with money - honesty and integrity.

Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, and we make sure your buying experience is 100% secure. When you purchase products from us, you’re not just wearing the 9R Brand (TM), you’re joining the family. If you have any questions, concerns, or if you are having trouble finding a product, please reach out to us at nineranchbrand@gmail.com.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you dress to the nines.

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