Corona Virus Order Time

Hey everyone! 

Order Time Update - 
We have not only experienced challenges getting orders out the door with all of the set backs from the virus, but we have seen a huge influx in orders. 2 to 3 times our usual busy season!! Which is great! We are so so appreciative of each and every order. But we want to inform you to please be patient when receiving your order. Our customers have been so very understanding, we decided to not stop production and to keep the products available for purchase. Although, we have decided to post-pone launching any new products until we have caught up. We have hired tons of new staff, and are getting closer to catching up every day. As of today, 06/09/20 we are about two weeks out on turn around time after order date. That means on average, orders are shipping out two weeks after the order is placed. We are working diligently to get back to our usual 1-3 day turn around time, pre-virus, but we aren't there yet. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible, and once it is, you will receive an email with shipping information that will allow you to track your order.

We want to thank you all so very much for your patience in these crazy times, and tell you how much we appreciate your orders. 

New donations will be made to the Search and Rescue Dive Teams that supported the Nine Ranch family in our time of tragedy. Each and every one of your orders have increased the contributions we are able to make to the dive teams! Thank you so much, from the Nine Ranch family! Read more about this on our About Us page.